Refer A Friend, Make Some Money!

Great American Self Storage offers $50 for referrals that result in new tenants for us!

If you are a tenant, help us to help you by simply telling a friend about our storage facility and then, when your friend mentions your name while they make their first full month's payment and sign the lease, voila... you will be $50 richer!

There are no limits to the number of referrals you send us. If you have 10 friends and they all come, lease and pay for a unit with us while mentioning your name, you would be paid for each of those referrals.
Think about that! 10 friends x $50 = $500! It's a SWEET DEAL!

If your friend signs the lease mid month, the month is prorated for them. This means that a referral check would be requested for you after your friend pays in full for the following month. 

Still have questions?
Contact an onsite representative who will be happy to help you.