Why We Require Disc Locks

At our facilities, we require Disc Locks as they have features that simply make them the better choice for securing your belongings.
Disc Locks are a more modern version of Padlocks and are similar, but Disc Locks have a shielded or covered shackle, while the traditional Padlock has an open, more vulnerable shackle.

The only type of lock that is endorsed by the SSA, (Self Storage Association) is a Disc Lock, which was designed specifically for self storage. Depending on your insurance policy or chosen tenant protection plan, if there was a theft from your unit, your deductible is often waived if you have an added measure of protection, such as a Disc Lock. If you have coverage through your homeowner’s or renter’s policy, you should check to see if they offer that benefit.

Features Of Disc Locks

  • Harder to Cut - Not only does the covered shackle of a Disc Lock make it more difficult to cut or force open, the rounded shape is also a security feature as it makes it harder to position into the right angle to try such things. That combined with the design of the latches we use on our storage doors make Disc Locks are the way to go. 
  • Hardened Shackles - Disc Lock shackles are hardened for added strength and security. 
  • Harder to Pick - The better the Disc Lock, the more pins and dual locking lever mechanisms that prevent  picking from being successful.
  • Weather Resistant - Most Disc Locks are designed using stainless steel and have weatherproof features that will prevent rust. In Hawaii, you need something that is going to withstand the elements. 

While standard Padlocks with hardened shackles and even anti-pick features could still provide some protection for your belongings, these things do not change the fact that standard Padlocks are vulnerable to bolt cutter attacks and prying attempts

Disc Locks are simply the best option! 


What to Remember When Buying A Disc Lock:

1. You Get What You Pay For

We certainly understand the desire to save money, but the best Disc Locks are not cheap. It's highly likely that you chose our storage facility because of it's security features, so surely you are intent on keeping and protecting your belongings or you would not even bother to store them in the first place. It only makes sense to ensure you’re getting a lock that reflects your desire to secure your items. We aren't saying to pay top dollar, but we are saying to choose wisely. We have Disk Locks available for purchase, but you can get your Disk Lock from anywhere; just make sure you are getting a good one.

2. Size Matters

Disc Locks that are 2.75" or 70mm (2 and 3/4 inches in diameter) are compatible with our storage door latches and are the ideal size. We do not advise anything larger than an 80mm disc lock and you do not want to go smaller than 70mm.

3. The More Pins, The Better

Locks can be picked, so the more the pins, the better! You will want to get a lock with at least 4-7 pins in order to prevent picking. 




People often ask which kind they should get, a combination lock or a lock with keys. That is something that is subjective to the situation and the people involved. 
If you are a business with many employees and they all need to get into that storage, then a combination lock is more practical because even though you can make keys for everyone, if you let an employee go, you have to re-key the lock and that is far more costly and time consuming than just resetting the combination and letting your employees know. 
If only you and/or another person are going to be accessing the unit, you may choose to go with a keyed lock, unless of course you are prone to losing keys, then that may not be a good idea.  
By the way... for your security, please think twice about setting your combination lock to your birth year. A person's birth year can be fairly easy to guess if someone knows you or is watching you. Better to pick your mom or dad's birth year or some other special event's date. Also, if you experience a change of status from "taken" to "single", depending on the situation, you may want to change your combination or re-key your lock, and definitely consider changing your gate code by contacting the storage office.