Why You May Want A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Climate-Controlled Units

Most belongings can truly benefit from being in an air-conditioned, (climate-controlled or A/C) storage unit. Our air-conditioned units help to prevent mold and mildew from becoming an issue. These units are the best choice for protecting from the heat and humidity of Hawaii. 

What items are best served by placing them in an A/C unit? Let's start with your most beloved treasures, such as:

  • Record, DVD or Video Collections
  • Stamp, Coin, or Comic Book Collections
  • Important Documents
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Antiques
  • Musical Instruments
  • Wardrobe, (Leather items, clothing stored in bags, etc...)

A/C units are also the preferred choice when storing:

  • Electronics, (especially computers)
  • Appliances
  • Furniture (upholstery, wicker, wood, leather, or metal)
  • Medical Supplies
  • Arts & Crafts items such acrylic or latex paints, leather, etc...
  • and More!

We have air-conditioned units in the following sizes:

  • 5x5 (only at the Kaloko location)
  • 5x10 (only at the Kaloko location)
  • 5x15 (only at the Kaloko location)
  • 10x5
  • 10x10
  • 10x15
  • 10x15 with electric, (only at the Kaloko location)
  • 10x20
  • 10x20 with electric, (only at the Kaloko location)


While climate-controlled units cost more than a standard Drive-Up unit without air-conditioning, they are worth it to ensure that the temperature and humidity never fluctuates enough to damage your belongings.

Still unsure if you need a climate-controlled unit or not? Consider this:

  • If it can deteriorate, discolor, warp or crack from moisture damage, or if mildew and mold could become an issue, it should go into an A/C unit. 
  • If the item is memorabilia, holds sentimental value, or otherwise valuable, an A/C unit is the best bet.
  • If an item to be stored will suffer damage from heat, will expand or contract from the heat, or it is something that simply requires being stored at a certain temperature, climate-controlled is the way to go!

Please note: 
At this time we do not have, nor do we offer wine storage. However, this is a consideration that we are looking into for the future. 

If you have any questions about climate-controlled units or about any of our unit types or services, please feel free to contact us directly by phone at either:

  • 808-796-3100 for our Kaloko location in 'new industrial' behind Home Depot, or
  • 808-329-8700 for our location behind Target in Kailua Kona's 'old industrial' area.